AM Arting offers creative consulting, professionally-led art classes for groups or individuals, and a wide range of custom art work for any occasion.

We live to inspire creativity wherever we can and love nothing more than to see it flourish in a world that needs uplifted spirits.​

What is ARTING?

Arting is that sizzle of excitement you feel when you think of something new to create.

Arting is the brain explosion when you see something presented in a way you never thought of and the thousands of ideas it sparked inside you.

Arting is saying "Screw it, I’m adding more glitter because SPARKLY damn it!"

Arting is making dinosaurs in hats just because it makes you smile.

Arting is making dinosaurs in glitter hats because SPARKLY damn it!

Arting is the creation of art for the sole reason that you deserve to be happy.

Arting is what we live every day.  Hence AM Arting. 

We believe you can make your own happiness.  You can, in fact: Create. Happy!


Arting Empress

A living brainstorming session

Miranda is a professional artist with over 25 years experience and a couple of degrees on her wall. Well, in a box somewhere in storage as her walls are covered by her many creations. She believes in the power of art as a source of inspiration for any situation, job, or problem, and works tirelessly to bring that inspiration to as many people as she can. ​ She also really likes glitter AND Dinosaurs.



Bachelor's Degree- Studio Art

Empire State College

Associate's Degree- Fine Art

Empire State College

Classes & Skills

Book an event through AM Arting for your next job retreat, birthday party, bridal shower, or just because. Adults can learn a variety of different art forms via different classes and come away with not only the memories of a great time but a unique work of art of their own as a reminder.

Want to go at something on your own but don't really know where to begin? Want to spruce up the office but need a plan to show your boss? Got PINterest envy? We can talk you through it all with our Creative Consults. A perfect path for someone who may doubt their own skills, or who doesn't have quite enough time, but who still wants to be involved in the creative process.

Don't see what you want? ASK! Offerings will constantly change as inspiration strikes, so check back often and see if inspiration strikes you too.