I recently tried to make my own shimmery watercolors-it was fun and they took forever to dry-hopefully they will be useable.
I hates the gold wonky stitching so i dyed it to match my hair-lol note I think it looks 1000x better
Also I think I fried my hair accidentally-a hair color I bought had no color and was somehow just developer (I contacted manufacturer) so it just overbleached my already bleached hair-so I had to color it blue to at least look somewhat decent and not like a dry white cloud on my head. Now it looks like blue raspberry cotton Candy at least.  It’s so dry-imma have to coconut oil every day to avoid breakage.
Here he is all top stitched and done. I was going to satin stitch around the dog (like on the heart) but my machine said NOPE.
Glitter balloon Doggo-think I’ll make those into a bag at some point…
Today is over…
Happy Independence Day
It’s Fancy Friday at the day job! What’s fancy to you?